Hair Perm

Why Choose Dreamz Beauty Salon for
Hair Perm

Digital Perms:

Experience the best of modern perming with digital perms. This cutting-edge technique utilizes specialized equipment to create customizable, natural-looking curls that are low-maintenance and full of bounce.

Cold Wave Perms:

For those seeking classic curls with a traditional touch, our cold wave perms offer enduring beauty and a timeless appeal, showcasing your hair’s elegance in every movement.

Spiral Perms:

Embrace a striking and captivating look with spiral perms, where the hair is wound tightly around perm rods to create dynamic and eye-catching spiral curls.

Body Wave Perms:

Add subtle volume and soft waves to your hair with body wave perms, striking the perfect balance between texture and elegance.

The Perm Process at Dreamz Beauty Salon:


Your hair perm journey begins with a thorough consultation. Our stylists will discuss your desired look, assess your hair’s condition, and offer recommendations tailored to your preferences.


Before perming, we ensure your hair is in the best condition possible. This may involve a conditioning treatment to strengthen and protect your tresses.

Perming Solution:

Using gentle and effective perming solutions, our specialists will carefully apply the product to your hair, creating the desired curl pattern.

Processing and Neutralization:

Your hair will be allowed to process, and then a neutralizer will be applied to set the curls, ensuring their longevity.

Post-Perm Care:

We’ll provide you with expert advice on post-perm hair care, so you can maintain your curls and keep them looking their best for weeks to come.

Benefits of Hair Perm at Dreamz Beauty Salon:

Enhanced Volume and Texture:

Enjoy voluminous and textured hair that adds dimension and life to your overall appearance.

Low-Maintenance Styling:

With curls or waves that hold their shape, you can reduce your daily styling routine and still look fabulous.

Versatile Styling Options:

Perm-treated hair offers countless styling possibilities, allowing you to switch up your look effortlessly.

Long-Lasting Results:

Our high-quality perming process ensures your curls stay intact for an extended period, keeping you glamorous for weeks.

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